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Where You Are – A parents worst nightmare | Short Film

Frieda | 25. Oktober 2016

In Where You Are a mother is playing hide and seek with her son, when all of a sudden she can’t find him anymore. This short film tells the story of a mother’s enduring journey through time as she struggles to keep track of her son’s unpredictable whereabouts. This short film perfectly portrays the paternal panic felt when a child appears to be slipping from ones hands.

A parents worst nightmare

The 13 minute short film from American filmmaker Graham Parkes touches you and is well implemented. On top of that, it captures the audience right from the start. Officially selected for this years SXSW film festival, this film has also won the Grand Prix for Best Short at the Capalbio International Film Festival in Italy.

This is the kind of short film that will make you realize, there are still great ideas out there.

Bild: Screenshot / Vimeo

Translation: Aimée


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