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Death by Chocolate | Short Film

Frieda | 25. Oktober 2016

In „Death by Chocolate“ a former actress is planning her death. Her fame and fortune has ended and her relationship with her daughters is estranged. Hence she has a hard time adjusting to life after fame. Partly anxious, yet determined, she meets with her hired killer to cancel the contract, but things don’t work out as simply as how she imagined…

Death by Chocolate will shock and awe audiences. Through its use of intense dialogue, but at the same time by its simple storytelling. Responsible for this wonderful short film are filmmakers Robin Veret und Dimitri Gochgarian, which was based on the story from Conor Murphy.

With a runtime of ten minutes, Death by Chocolate unfolds slowly through what can accurately be described as a slow reveal of a structured twist at the end.

The behind the scenes footage can be seen here:

Translation: Aimée

Kategorien: English