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Locked Off – Illegal Raves in England | VICE

Laura | 03. November 2016

„We’re not causing any hassle. Everyone has a great time. I don’t see what the problem is. They should just let us rave.“

Clubs here in Germany are fighting with the urban development plans and rent prices going up and up. Likewise in England: the birthplace of raves! They too have been fighting with the same problems that club owners face in Germany. Now an organised underground movement has started to grow. Because the ravers are sick and tired of mainstream and large scale clubs. Young UK-people rather celebrate in abandoned industrial buildings. Or drive out to remote places in England, to host big illegal party’s and dance until the early mornings.

„It‘s a massive culture where people dress the same, people like the same music. It‘s everyone doing their thing. It‘s fucked. It‘s sick.“

Locked Off accompanies “location scouts”

VICE-Reporter Clive Martin joined this rave movement, to find out how they organise themselves and what motivates them. In Locked Off he accompanies “location scouts”- equipped with bolt cutters! On the hunt for the perfect places for their next big rave. He find himself in the middle of nowhere, far away from civilisation and restrictions. Where young people dance the night away to fast pacing beats .

Translation: Aimée

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