An Embroidery of Voids
Short Film 10 min

An Embroidery of Voids | Short Video

Anne | 31. Oktober 2016

WOW! Thats the best word to describe the video of An Embroidery of Voids.

A surreal journey through urban alleyways, passages and narrow spaces, all captured in one single camera shot. Which the filmmaker, Daniel Crooks then stitched together into this seemingly infinite corridor. Furthermore, make sure to turn up the volume because Byron Scullin‘s sound design adds an entirely different dimension to this short film. This piece was originally commissioned for the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

A mesmerizing experience

Daniel Crooks has already made a name for himself with many other original art and video instillations. These can be seen on his Vimeo Channel.

Translation: Aimée

Kategorien: English