< In dem Film 'Where Are They Now?' sehen wir, wie es He-Man & Co. wirklich ergangen wäre, wären sie in unserer Gesellschaft „groß geworden“

Where Are They now? from Steve Cutts | Short Film

Laura | 25. Oktober 2016

Does Bart Simpson actually never grow up? And shouldn’t Garfield be a diabetic by now, given how much lasagne he eats?! Where Are They Now? by Steve Cutts is a short animated film looking at the life of cartoon characters facing reality long after the prime of their heydays.

Cutts imagines life of our favourite childhood comic heroes, as if they were living in our present day self obsessed society. The result is humorous and at the same time giving a critical statement about our society we currently live in. Like in all of his works, the illustrator and animator from London, highlight the sad truth about today’s modern world. He has endless material to base his artwork on though: “the insanity of humanity is an endless pool of inspiration.”

Bild: Steve Cutts

Translation: Aimée

Kategorien: English