< Fünf Astronauten berichten von ihrer beneidenswerten Erfahrung, bei der sie die Erde erstmals von "außen" sahen und den Overview-Effekt erlebten.

Overview | Short

Laura | 14. April 2016

Have you ever wished on floating through space, seeing the planet you and I live on – mostly referred to as Planet Earth – from a whole other view aka from out of space?! Well, to be honest, this dream won’t fulfill itself – unless you win the lottery or you are Richard Branson. But no worries, you can find some kind of remedy in watching the short movie „Overview“. Of course, you won’t  be able to float around in some far away galaxy and experience the so called „overview-effect“ – that moment where you see mother earth from „the outside“ – yourselves. But you’ll probably get just as close to it, as five astronauts share their first-hand experiences in a combination of mind blowing pictures with us. Tune in for a somewhat life changing experience, seeing the Earth, our Planet in its most vulnerable angle – from the outside.

Photo: Screenshot

Text / Translation: Janine

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