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Haredi Judaism: strict Orthodox Jews that want to dissolve Israel | Vice

Anne | 03. November 2016

Haredi Judaism are strict Orthodox Jews that demand the immediate dissolvement of the state of Israel and stand together with the Palestinians. These ultraorthodox jews have views, that not many of their fellow believers share and agree with. This religious group that is split from the normative Judaism called „Neturei Karta”, are called extremist by many other jews. They themselves proclaim, in truth to be the only ones, that live by the Torah.

Haredi Judaism: strict Orthodox Jews that openly burn Israeli flags

In Rabbi Becks opinions “You should not steal” and “You should not kill” are two commandments, that the state of Israel is currently breaking. The rebellious Rabbi belongs to the Neturei Karta in London. VICE reporter Milène Larsson visits him in his synagogue and accompanies him to a demonstration against Zionism. Milène Larsson tries to understand why this jewish group lights up Israeli flags openly on the streets. As well as what lies behind these unusual point of views.

* Why they gave Rabbi Beck subtitles in this documentary, even though he speaks fluent English and I actually have a harder time understanding Milène Larssons English is a mystery to me. Maybe a form of discrimination against him?


Translation: Aimée

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