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David Bowie talking about the Internet in 2000

Anne | 24. Oktober 2016

‚I think the potential of what the internet is going to do to society, both good and bad, is unimaginable. We’re on the cusp of something exhilarating and terrifying… it’s an alien life form.‘

In the year 2000, David Bowie – the great visionary artist, already foresaw the future of the internet and how it would influence our world today. Interviewed by the famous BBC journalist Jeremy Paxman, shows how far ahead of time Bowie was back then.

„I don’t think we have even seen the tip of the iceberg“ – David Bowie about the internet

Paxman, who’s reputation is to be quite aggressive and arrogant when giving interviews, can’t wrap his head around why this „Internet“ is so remarkable. But Bowie explains the revolutionary force of change that the internet is bringing, with so much intensity and passion – without getting rattled by Paxmans intimidating way of questioning him.

 Translation: Aimée
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