Young Hearts – a short film full of love

Anne | 01. April 2016

Edit dances like a feather. I always court her and tell her how beautiful she looks. All in all, I feel like an actual Adonis, straight out of a greek saga.“ (Hans, 79)

Hans is most probably not the only one feeling truly „young at heart“ at Keller’s senior disco night. Here, in Berlin Steglitz, seniors meet every Monday at the Dance School to play some board games, enjoy a delicious piece of cake to take the floor. In front of the camera, the seniors tell the filmakers of Acapulco-Films their stories, full of charm and humour, on having a crush, enjoying cuddles and how much this all fulfills themselves – three very heartwarming minutes of film.

Photo: Screenshot

Text / Translation: Janine

Kategorien: English