< Zwei Kinder auf demParkplatz in der Nacht, Filmstill aus "Two Cars, One Night"

Two Cars, One Night | Short Film

Anne | 01. April 2016

There are a few moments in childhood that have a lasting impact.

Being set to wait in a parked car at some bars parking lot in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand, whilst their parents are busy getting drunk, three children – two brothers and a girl – ramdomly meet. Amongst this rather obscure atmosphere and definitely somewhat dark setting, something sublime happens between these children, whilst they are waiting for the night to pass on…

With his short movie, the Director Taika Waititi displays that wonderful moments in life are surely rare, but still beat the grief and dark sides in the end… at least within our memories.


Photo: Still from „Two Cars, One Night“

Text / Translation: Janine



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