< Walter White existiert. Die Geschichte seines realen Lebens liest sich wie ein Drehbuch. VICE gewährt uns einen Einblick in den Alltag des Meth-Kochs.

The Real Walter White | VICE

Janine | 16. April 2015

„I did it for me, I liked it, I was good at it and I was alive“, Heisenbergs famous and final words. Whilst the probably most popular Meth Lab operator in TV history is battling to keep his Drug Cartel – as well as himself – alive in Breaking Bad’s final season, the „real“ Walter White trembles towards his next court hearing. His doom: Chystal Meth. His punishment: life sentence. No this isn’t a bad joke. Walter White really exists and his story reads itself just as good as its popular TV series spinoff. Lucky us, VICE shares a broad in-depth look on the day to day life of the real Meth kingpin from Alabama, with eventually bringing light into the mystery, on if his products trademark’s is also the blue coloring.

Image: Screenshot / Vice

Text / Translation: Janine

Kategorien: English