The Pixel Painter | Short

Anne | 05. Januar 2016

When thinking back in time, back to the days, when one wasn’t killing time with various social media platforms or apps, but rather with digital „painting“ ones creations via Microsoft Paint onto your computer screens, it actually seems as if this must have happened in another time and place. But believe it or not, for some of us, like Hal Lasko – a retired graphic artist of the age 97 – Microsoft Paint is still a thing. Hal – better known as Grandpa within his family – is a true supporter of the creative program ever since his grandchildren presented it to him right after he retired. Since then, he can’t and wont stop expressing his deep love for these 8bit pixel paintings, which you get to see in some very impressive copies of his.

 Text / Translation: Janine

Kategorien: English, Kurzfilm