< Der Kurzfilm "That B.E.A.T." nimmt uns mit in eine bunte Untergrundszene, die keinen großen Wert auf Geschlechterrollen oder sexuelle Orientierung legt.

That B.E.A.T.

Laura | 01. März 2016

Hip Hop and homosexuality? Doesn’t seem to fit – at least in most cases rap-culture in America is more homophobic than gay-friendly. But these artists are becoming more accepted than you’d think: In New Orleans, the capital of ‘‘Bounce’’, the so-called ‘‘Sissy Rapper’’ rap naughty texts to rough beats while the audience dance their arses off. The short film ‘‘That B.E.A.T’’ takes us to the colorful underground scene, that places no importance on gender or sexual orientation. Everyone just shakes their butt to Bounce Music – regardless of whether hetero, gay, transsexual or transvestite.


Photo: Screenshot

Text / Translation: Janine

Kategorien: English