< Der Kurzfilm Litefeet von Scott Carthy begleitet die Mitglieder der legendären W.A.F.F.L.E Crew in New York und zeigt, was das Tanzen für die Kids bedeutet.

Dancing in the New York Underground: The Short Film „Litefeet“

Anne | 14. März 2016

„People stopped the violence and they just wanted to dance. That kept a lot people from the street, that kept a lot people out of trouble.“

Travelling back in time, the short film ‚Litefeet‘ takes us back to New York in the 90’s. Back to a time, when Rudolph Guilliani tried to regulate the city with his Zero Tolerance Politics. That’s where Scott Carthys short movie enters the field, displaying us the brutal downside of overruling and regulating, as it’s not only the citizens, but also the cultural diversity in all its creative outsources and subcultures getting nipped in the butt. Something that the legendary NYC’s own, the “W.A.F.F.L.E Crew”, a subway-dance-crew would know best about, as Guilliani’s way of legislation basically took somehting from them they loved the most. The love for movement, the love of dancing.


Photo: Screenshot, Vimeo

Text / Translation: Janine

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