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Mr. Christmas | Short Film

Anne | 23. Dezember 2014

Every year our neighbour’s balcony is filled with fairy lights, illuminated reindeer and dancing Santa Clauses. Heart-warming, with a passion for deco, he celebrates the advent. The neighbour’s eagerness for Christmas however, is nothing compared to the commitment of the American Bruce Mertz aka ‘Mr. Christmas’.

Trip to ‚Mr. Christmas‘

The wonderful short film from Nick Palmer name is a portrait of the man, who spent three decades of his life transforming his house in North California into an epic amusement park of Christmas lighting. People from across the country travel during the Christmas season to admire the twinkle and glitter from under the hoisted flag, sing along to ‘’America! America! God shed his grace on thee’’.

Because if you can: Then why not have a grandiose (and cheesy) Christmas! 

Photo: Screenshot

Text / Translation: Janine

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