This movie-mash-up of Adele’s ‚Hello‘ might be better then the actual song

Laura | 15. März 2016

Since Adele’s over infectious hit single ‚Hello‘ not only conquered the charts, but also our ears since last autumn, it’s been kind of impossible to escape it in any way. No matter if it was played on the radio, or if someone was humming it’s melody continuously at the office, there was and still is nearly no way around it. And yes, we’ve at least tried it a hundred times – Adele.

But despite all of the rather nerve wrecking madness that came along with ‚Hello‘, our most reliable friend – the internet – delivered us some never ending fun in form of memes, vines and most and for all a variety of hilarious mash-up-videos.

Talking about never ending mash-up fun, YouTuber Matthias Vlot slayed it at his version of ‚Hello‘, combining the song with all the classic movie scenes, so that Ali G and Homer Simpson actually happen to be singing along a song together.

Photo: Screenshot

Text / Translation: Janine

Kategorien: English