< Peter Fitzek hat vor Jahren sein eigenes Königreich gegründet. "Königreich Deutschland" erzählt seine Geschichte.

Kingdom of Germany | VICE

Laura | 16. April 2014

Looking back to the days of Peter Fitzek’s childhood, where he battled the most with being mobbed and had to use his fists to fight against all of the meanness against him, this was when Peter learned how to control his surrounding the best – with fear. A behavior of which he nowadays clearly takes a distance from, as he doesn’t want to use the weapon of fear, but more the method of kindness, to actualize his big dream. A dream of creating his own empire, an autonomous State called „Königreich Deutschland“. His eyes literally start glowing as soon as he starts talking about his vision, creating a system where apparently nobody can loose. With actually all of this sounding to good to be true, we somehow can’t trust the self called monarch, with his thinning ponytail and his somewhat bossy aura. See for yourself.

Bild: VICE

Text / Translation: Janine

Kategorien: English