< Der Kurzfilm erzählt die Geschichte der amerikanischen Fotografin Flo Fox, die seit über vierzig Jahren mit ihrer Kamera durch New York streift.

FLO | Short Film

Anne | 11. April 2016

In his 10-minute documentary, „FLO“ the New York based filmmaker, Riley Hooper lets us explore the life of and with the photographer Flo Fox herself. From the great misfortunes of becoming blind at an early age, then with later having to struggle with the disabilities that come with MS and lung cancer, Flo Fox impressively shows us the incredible woman she still is today. Taking us on a personal tour through her New York, with an always dark but yet positive and feisty attitude, Fox travels back in time, memorizing the story of her life, on how photography got her hooked and how she’s still continuing what she loves doing the most – only now with a little help through her aides.

Photo: Screenshot / Vimeo

Text / Translation: Janine

Kategorien: English