< VICE taucht ein in die japanische Liebesindustrie.

The Japanese Love Industry | VICE

Laura | 28. Februar 2015

You have never heard of a cuddle cafe? A cuddle cafe, is the sort of cafe where you don’t choose between soy- or almond milk, you rather would want to decide if you feel like getting your head stroked, or if you’re more in the mood of taking a nap in a strange persons lap, whilst getting your ears cleaned. No, this isn’t part of my strange imagination nor a line out of a weird sci-fi fetish movie. This is real, at least in Japan it can be. For „The Japanese Love Industry“ VICE sent Ryan Duffy to investigate this phenomenon.

With most of the population between 18-35 feeling somewhat estranged to love and relationships, Japan obviously felt the urge of creating a subculture for „love“ related things only. Visiting a hostess bar – only for company and conversations, never for sex – or the so called cuddle cafe on the regular, is therefore something perfectly normal in a world where almost everyone feels the need to stay unattached.

Photo: Vice

Text / Translation: Janine

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