< Mit einem Mercedes 450 SEL, 300 PS, 200 km/h in 8 atemberaubenden Minuten vom Arc de Triomphe zum Sacré-Cœur. Ein Rendezvous der besonderen Art!

C’était un Rendezvous | Short

Anne | 07. September 2013

On an early Sunday morning in August 1976, with a camera attached to the bumper, Claude Lelouch raced through the streets of Paris. The director recorded the sound during a second similar manoeuvre in a Ferrari and added the audio track to the film footage: in 8 breathtaking minutes a Mercedes 450 SEL, 300 PS races at 200 km/h from the Arc de Trimphe to the Sacrè-Coeur!

Photo: Screenshot / Vimeo

Text / Translation: Janine



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