< Der Instagram-Account dieser Frau gleicht einem Leichenschauhaus.

Morgue Instagram | Motherboard

Laura | 28. März 2015

Between all the underwear-selfies and bottom-pics there is even another Instagram-account that has a lot of bare skin to offer. But here the bodies are everything else but alive, they’re dead.. The many cadavers go onto Nicole Angemi’s Instagram account (‘’I like being dirty’’), a medical pathologist assistant from New Jersey who loves nothing more than dissecting and then sharing the images with her 156000 followers. Three of her accounts have already been deleted and users are reporting images daily for breaching the guidelines. Yet Angemi, aka @mrs_angemi, doesn’t want to shock, but merely explain and show how we look on the inside. Motherboard interviewed the lady with the most controversial Instagram account and visited her in the morgue, where she revealed the cross-section of a navel cord with a reminiscent ‘cute smiley face’. Her autopsy on Instragram in not for the faint-hearted; those who cannot handle blood, shredded faces, slimy organs or wrinkled foreskins, should quickly click to the next doco.

Image: Motherboard

Text / Translation: Janine

Kategorien: English